Sunday, January 11, 2009


I find the most awesome thing in the world is being natural, whether that's wearing natural hair or being naturally you. But the problem comes in when an individual doesn't know who they are naturally, or shall I say Godly. What would happen if all black women wore their hair natural, what would happen if Preachers and pew folk resisted trying to assist God in Sunday service and allowed things to flow naturally? I find myself awake many nights staring at the ceiling wondering, God are you pleased in any shape or form with this un-natural stuff that goes on in church or in life? And I always get the same resounding NO. It is as if some of the people of GOD have rejected their natural selves and are trying to cover up with anything someone else tells them is acceptable.

Look at the garden of Eden, it is a place where after God formed the man and the woman he placed them there to have dominion, with one simple rule don't touch this one tree. So to not touch would have been natural but touching it is un-natural.

Today some in the body of Christ have forgotten why we were placed here and who we are in the Kingdom.

Some have settled as Adam and Eve to run and hide because they now have a problem with there naturalness (nakedness). When people run and hide they run and embrace that which is un-natural and I have found that a person is often what they chose to embrace. Just my thoughts.