Monday, November 9, 2009

Twenty Four Hours

You've just been told you have 24 hours to live, what do you do, do you cry and lay down and wait until your last breath is taken? Don't ask why you are dieing, lets just assume the causes are natural, or at the finale hour a bullet will end it all. But guess what it doesn't matter how it will end, the fact is that it will in 24 hours. 24 hours, again what would you do, spend time with your child or with your boo, tell me what would you do? It is funny how when time is placed on a situation how many step up to the plate to do their part but when there is no clock life is often taken for granted. If you had 24 hours to live how meaningful would that prayer be, how much more meaningful would that kiss be, how much more meaningful would looking at the stars be, especially knowing you will never see them again? How much more important will saying Mama I love you become, or Daddy I forgive you become? I wonder if Biggie knew he was in his last 24 what would he have done different or Tupac for that matter? I wonder if I knew that day July 19 that my best friend would set me up to get shot and I would end up in a wheel chair what would I have done differently those 24 hours before? And not to mention I died on my way to the Hospital. Enough about me and back to you honestly don't give me a deep answer tell me what would you do? Because the truth is no one knows when the day comes and they will be in there finale 24. (C)2009 (I Remain Titus Inspired By Life)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Image, Likeness, Breath

The Bible clearly points out that the Creator formed Adam in His image and likeness but it was not until He breathed into Adam that Adam became a living being. What is it to be in the image of and likeness of GOD and especially to have His breath running through you? I can only image the pleasure the Creator found looking at Adam function effectively naming the animals and even having enough Godly insight to call the beautiful specimen GOD pulled out of him woman and even after the fall Eve. But today what does it look like to be in the image and likeness of the creator and to have His breath flowing through you?? Is it good deeds, Sunday morning messages, or prosperity?? Is it I Love you because you love me, or feeling you are in a place to judge?? Is it because you think you look good, or your better than another?? My take on what it means to be in the image and likeness of GOD and to have His breath flowing through you is when you embrace the fact that your life is not your own, and that you are here for a greater purpose than you. Any charismatic person can stand and make a group of people feel good for an hour or two, but can you cause change? Any body can have sex, and have children but can you beyond the school system raise them to be great and not just successful? Can you look in the mirror at the person staring back at you and say I Love you, and in your own eyes see greatness and potential even when no one else is around to tell you? If you can answer any of these with yes then that is what it means to be in His image and likeness and to have His Breath flowing through you. Don't be a part time lover of GOD, you can not pick GOD up and put Him down like a tube of lipstick or a pair of Jordan's or a crack pipe. GOD needs to be recognized as a part of you like your heart beat, because without either you are dead. Family you have a reason to breath, and that reason is to change lives, but you can't do that if you don't recognize the purpose and power of your own life designed by the Creator. (C)2009

I Remain Titus

Monday, August 24, 2009

Death Bed

There once was a man that lay breathing heavily on his death bed, Friends and family had already been by to say their finale goodbyes, so the man requested to spend his finale minutes alone in prayer. The family and friends respecting his request stepped out into the hall closing the door behind them. The man began to grasp the rails of the bed as he pulled his self up and bowed his head. He spoke saying Lord I thank you for the life you have given me and all that you allowed me to do, just then he heard a voice say yeah right, opening up his eyes the man saw, people he didn't recognize surrounding his bed. He asked am I dead, one of the individuals standing around said no, not yet we just thought before you did die you needed to be confronted by all that will be dieing with you. The man looked at the faces around the bed in desperation saying I don't understand. One of the individuals standing at the foot of the bed said we represent all the wasted time, the words you did not say when you were supposed to, and the books you did not write, and the love you did not give, and the dreams you did not fulfill. and the ideas that never got off paper and the forgiveness you would not extend and the promises not kept. The man said but I did this and I did not have time to do that, and she wouldn't forgive me so I did not forgive her. Silence, one of the individuals yelled, while pointing a finger into the mans face, we don't want to die, we want to live, yet we are doomed to be added to the library of endless potential found in cemetery's around the world. The faces of the individuals (potential) showed great anger and then suddenly they disappeared. The mans prayer changed from Lord thank you for this and thank you for that, into Lord I'm so sorry, for not using the life you gave me the way you wanted. Then the man and all his potential died. Question who or what will be around your death bed? What we do with our life today until that day will determine who is there, trust me I know. I've been there twice. I Remain Titus Inspired By a comment I heard Les Brown make.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Personal Thoughts (switch lanes) Take a Seat

It is amazing when looking at my life, the friends that have come and gone, the family that I have loved and lost. And the tears I have cried and cried and cried, some of joy and others of pain, some visible and others invisible. It is like living a life where each day you look in the mirror and ask what will the day bring joy or pain, new friends or betrayal, love everlasting or momentary satisfaction. ( Switching lanes). Imagine a chair inside of you a seated in that chair is GOD and beside Him is two more chairs, in the chair immediately beside Him is Jesus and next to Jesus the chair is empty. Now remember this scene is in side of you, there in front of GOD and Jesus and the empty seat is a window and outside of that window is your life happening in real time. But see GOD and Jesus and the empty seat are not in real time for they are on GOD time which supersedes reality. The empty seat is there for us to be seated with GOD and Jesus in heavily places, and if we take that seat we are able to see things from the angle in which GOD sees it. It is time out for running around asking others what they think you should do or how you should do it, my question to you is what did GOD tell you to do, and when is the last time you sit down long enough to listen?????????????? Many people are thinking that GOD is concerned with what they want to do, but I believe GOD is concerned with what you need to do. Example Jesus needed to die, that we might have life. Your Mother and father needed to get together to give you life so that you could perform you're purpose, that needs to be fulfilled. Today Brothers and Sisters I'm just putting finger to keys, without a title, but trust I understand someone needed to read this. I will call this take a seat, GOD is waiting.

I Remain Bro Titus Inspired

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Essence of a Woman

The beauty of a rose is unforgettable and the smell or essence is even more amazing, because it lingers through the place it dwells alerting all to it's presence. A woman is the same in my opinion, For she has beauty and essence. But the thing that saddens me is that many sisters (not all) have an understanding of their beauty, but not the essence that they possess. So they settle to be seen as beautiful without anyone ever understanding or even willing to embrace their essence. When is the last time a brother complimented you on your mind, when is the last time someone mentioned your beauty and yet was drawn by the essence of your soul? When is the last time, you complimented yourself on your own essence. For I tell you dear Sister, you are much more than a pretty face and a body, but it is whats in you that defines you. The amazing thing about a rose is that even when it's beauty fades, the essence of the rose is still as powerful as the day it bloomed. Many people buy roses because of what they look like, and they are quickly discarded when they wither. But just image if the rose was looked at not only for it's beauty but for the essence also, Imagine if you were looked at not only for your beauty but for your essence. This goes out to every Sister and my prayer is that GOD will tune you in if He hasn't already to the essence of who you are. For a woman's essence is like a treasure, it is hidden, but is found by those that are willing to dig deep enough to find it. Sisters don't settle, GODS best awaits you.

Inspired By the thought of my Daughters future and the young men that will try to holler, and the Sisters I see settling. Peace and Blessings to all

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Interview On Blogtalk Radio TONIGHT!!!

I will be interviewed today on Passion For Life Radio By Carla Y Nix at 9pm Central Time and 10 pm Eastern Time check it out if you get a chance. the link is:

If you are not able to catch the broadcast tonight you will be able to go to the archives and listen to it at a later date. If you are listening please feel free to call in as the number will be listed on the Blogtalk Radio page.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The River

There once was a man that on a regular basis enjoyed taking walks through the woods, well one day as he ventured, a glimmer caught his eye. He looked in the direction and headed that way, when arriving he noticed a river. He was puzzled because, he had walked this path a hundred times, yet today something caught his attention and drew him in. Standing on the shore he could see all of the life that flowed beneath the water. He could also tell that others had stood on the shore before, but none seemed to dare to step into the water. How could he tell, because the foot prints were only on the shore line, none were by the rivers edge. He turned to walk away, but something seemed to make him want to stay there, it was as if this was where he belonged. That night while in the bed, he kept thinking of that river and the beauty that showed forth from below the surface and the smell of the honey suckle bushes that grew near it. At work the same thoughts plagued his mind, so much so that he got off early to go to the shore to inhale the honey suckle fragrance and gaze at the water. Suddenly he felt drawn to step in, and explore what was not seen with the natural eye, but could only be experienced by stepping in and going beyond the surface. A small part of him was content with standing on the shore, but a greater portion of him wanted to know what was in the deep. His shoes came off as he moved closer, he was amazed at how good the water felt, so he walked in deeper and as the water rose from ankle to thigh to waste, his eyes closed and reopened when submerged in the water. So much life was under the surface, so much to see, even more than on the surface. He seemed to be able to breath under the water, being overcome with emotion he touched this and he touched that, dreading to go back to the surface, but he did. As he emerged he felt sorry for all those that were willing only to gaze at the surface, but never willing to go deeper. As he swam back to the shore, tears feel as he gazed at the foot prints of the shore dwellers, laughter flowed, as he yelled, boy you don't no what you missed. As he bid good bye, to the river, he wanted to know who owned this land were the river was and if no one owned it how much would it cost to possess the land. He found that no one owned it, but GOD. So he said, GOD this most be your gift to me, and GOD replied it is, and all you have to do to possess it is be willing to build here and maintain the land around it. The man vowed to GOD to build and to maintain, GOD with a smile replied to the man well son possess the land, for you have found a good thing. The key thing to know is that often we travel down familiar paths never seeing anything new, but then out of no where GOD causes something to catch your attention. The river was always there, but she had to be patient because though many admired her from a distance, GOD sent one that not only stepped into her, but was welling to build and maintain so as to always be by her side and in her life. (You feel me)?

Some of you represent the traveler and others represent the river. I say to you travelers keep your eyes open and to you that are the river, be patient GOD will send the right person that will truly recognize who you are.

I remain Titus Peace and Blessings

Monday, August 3, 2009

Reflections in the Mirrior called GOD

A reflection is often considered that which is shown in a mirror, and if that be the case then I wonder what would be reflected if we look in the mirror called GOD. I remember being a man consumed with feeling that things were the way I saw them until I decided to hold things up in front of the mirror I call GOD. I took love, and I held it up, and I found that love was not based upon conditions as I had thought, but was to GOD to be unconditional and forgiving and full of wisdom. I took woman and I held her up in front of the mirror called GOD and I found that the woman is not only the tunnel through which all life flows but a pool of wisdom, often misunderstood, but a treasure to the one that finds her and sees her as reflected in the mirror called GOD. I took a child and I held it up, and I saw that reflected in the mirror was potential and limitless power, yet the true potential only can be reveled when the child is placed in an environment that seeks to push the child towards greatness. I held up a Father and I found that a father is to be like an umbrella, protecting the family from the rain that life causes to fall on the family while at the same time defining the rain so that the family understands what it is. I held up a mother and found that she is the nurturing hand of GOD in the family, that embraces in the good times, the bad times and the ugly times. I held up Pastors and those that say they hear GODs voice and I found that the only role they are to occupy is to lead individuals to GOD, not to earthly success but Godly success, besides what good is earthly success when Kingdom success is not obtained. Lastly I stood in front of the mirror called GOD and I saw that my life, my words, my ups and my downs are like an open book to those in my life and those exposed to my life, to read. For in a mirror all imperfections and perfections are exposed. As I stepped from in front on the mirror called GOD I wiped my tears, then I reached and grabbed relationships and held it up in front of the mirror called GOD for I was curious of how GOD wanted them to be. In the mirror reflected in my sight was a man with his arms stretched as if towards the heavens, his head was bowed as if in prayer, and in his hands lifted over his head was a woman and above the woman angels flew. when I looked at the mans feet he stood not on the ground, but rather he stood in the hand of GOD. That is how relationship was reflected in the mirror called GOD. My prayer is that this thought blesses the reader, and that they would seek to see things as reflected in the mirror called GOD, oh yeah the mirror in this thought is GODs eyes. I Remain Titus Inspired.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Remember

I remember when I first learned to speak to GOD, it was now I lay me down to sleep I pray dear Lord my soul you will keep, and if I should die before I awake I pray dear Lord my soul you will take. Grandma hand me to get on my knees every night as a child to whisper that conversation to GOD. There were nights I looked forward to it and others I would have rather went to sleep. But As I look back and remember those prayers or child hood conversations with GOD, I see that they were insurance policy's not just for the moment but for times in my life when I forgot to pray. I remember as a child climbing trees and looking for miles at the tops of houses, I remember when Grandpa got sick because of a hole in his heart and the doctors gave him a year to live, I remember begging GOD as a child please don't take daddy away (Grandpa), and he lived until I became a physical man (21). I remember Daddy teaching me to respect my elders and to be a southern gentleman. I remember now & later candy (mystery mix) and being called in the house when the street lights came on. I remember my first kiss when I was in Jr High, and I remember my Grandfather standing by the bleachers when my name was called to receive my diploma. I remember my Grandfather dieing two days after my birthday and my grandmother dieing on valentines day. But years after their death I remember that every good and perfect gift comes from GOD. So whatever good I remember and even that which was bad yet good still developed, GOD was right there smiling. I remember Grandma and Grandpas eyes, and I realize something that it was never them looking at me, well it was but that beauty that was behind the look was GOD staring right at me and I'm so blessed to remember those days and the days that are present now and those that will come. Sometimes we have to sit back and remember the awesome hand of GOD in our lives through the people and places and things He has allowed to cross our path. Do you remember?

I Remain Bro Titus Inspired

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Often people live their whole lives waiting to get to heaven in order to see GOD, not understanding that GOD is always present if one would just look. Consider if you will the breath of GOD, it can be seen when the wind blows and the trees appear to dance. Have you seen the smile of GOD it can be seen on the face of a small child when there just laying there then suddenly they smile. Have you ever felt GOD hug you, it often happens unexpectedly, and you can always tell because it will be given by a child or someone GOD has placed in your life and the hug feels so safe. Have you ever heard GOD say I Love You, it happens every moment you are able to inhale and exhale, every time, when life seeks to beat you down, yet you feel that push saying it's not over yet. The one true place to find GOD is within yourself, look in the mirror and look into your own eyes and see that there within you is something so awesome, so great and so out of the control of another persons opinion. Within you is potential and not just a conquer but more than a conquer. You are designed by the awesome hand of GOD, and despite where life finds you, whenever you look at your self you should see past the pain, past the material success or lack there of, and see that in you is heavenly DNA, and if you tap into it there is a success that the world can't give nor take away. I dare you to find your Heavenly Father in you and then move through the rest of your life with the confidence that comes with knowing whom it is that lives on the inside of you. Jesus knowing whom he belonged boasted, no man takes my life I lay it down, The word of GOD boast in 1 John 4 that greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Jesus said I can do nothing outside of what my Heavenly father tells me. Jesus before leaving the earth encouraged us by saying the things I (Jesus) have done you will do these things and greater. But this dear one can only take place when you know whom you belong to. I Remain Bro Titus Inspired.

Want Vs Need

What is it that you want from life, their are those that will speak of all the materiel things they want and the relationships they want, and more. But I have a question what is it that you need? Be careful how you answer, because there is a big difference in needing and wanting. For instance you need oxygen to breath, and you need your heart to beat so your blood will flow and you intern can live. But who or what is it that you really need. Before July 19, of 1995 I felt I needed to walk to be able to be considered a person, but boy it's been 14 years since that day I was shot and I have found that walking doesn't define an individual but having your needs in order matters. I thought I needed that BMW, and all of the drug money, I thought I needed to have all those females. I thought to be respected in the streets was what I needed. Yet when my friend set me up to be robbed and my ability to stand escaped me, and friends left me. I found I needed GOD, not just on Sundays and on bible study nights, but everyday in every part of my life. I found that friends were cool, but what good are those relationships if GOD is not in the middle of them. Don't get it twisted, I'm not suggesting all you talk about is scripture, but rather have those around you that have an understanding of GOD and the importance of having a relationship with Him. I found that there is a true beauty in needing something, because when something is needed one will do everything to pursue it and go after it. Because a person can sit at home and want something, but needing causes movement to posses the thing desired. When times are hard I need GOD to be there, when times are good I need GOD to be there. I have found that GOD will show up not only in a manifested blessing, but also through those He has purposed to place in and around your life. I grew up in church full of wants, but it wasn't until I lost something that I thought I needed that I found what I really needed, and at the end of the day we all have a need and that need can only be filled by GOD. I leave you with a question what is it that you really need, and please don't let tragedy strike to inform you. You have been warned.

Bro Titus I Remain Inspired

Monday, March 2, 2009

Making it clear

For those that may have not been clear in what direction I was going on the first blog natural. My attempt was to point out how many individuals go to church or profess Christ, yet lack a true understanding of who He is. Some individuals pray yet have no idea whom they are praying to. It is like an indivdual wearing a hair style yet not knowing why. I have an issue with Pastors that entertain their congragation yet don't teach them what thus sayeth the Lord God. I have a problem with people whom are not real with who they are and real with the God they serve, it to me is unnatural. Hope this helps.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I find the most awesome thing in the world is being natural, whether that's wearing natural hair or being naturally you. But the problem comes in when an individual doesn't know who they are naturally, or shall I say Godly. What would happen if all black women wore their hair natural, what would happen if Preachers and pew folk resisted trying to assist God in Sunday service and allowed things to flow naturally? I find myself awake many nights staring at the ceiling wondering, God are you pleased in any shape or form with this un-natural stuff that goes on in church or in life? And I always get the same resounding NO. It is as if some of the people of GOD have rejected their natural selves and are trying to cover up with anything someone else tells them is acceptable.

Look at the garden of Eden, it is a place where after God formed the man and the woman he placed them there to have dominion, with one simple rule don't touch this one tree. So to not touch would have been natural but touching it is un-natural.

Today some in the body of Christ have forgotten why we were placed here and who we are in the Kingdom.

Some have settled as Adam and Eve to run and hide because they now have a problem with there naturalness (nakedness). When people run and hide they run and embrace that which is un-natural and I have found that a person is often what they chose to embrace. Just my thoughts.