Tuesday, March 16, 2010

While You Were Sleeping

While you wee sleeping I whispered in your ear encouraging words to remind you of just how awesome you are and why you were born. When you were sleeping I held you tightly to remind you of what it feels like to be held without expecting anything in return. When you were sleeping I kissed you to remind you of what a kiss of love feels like and I placed my hand on your cheek to let you know when no one else understands the Creator does. When you tossed and turned I laid my hands on your back and prayed earnestly for you that whatever hindered you from sleeping would be dissolved so that you could find rest. When you were sleeping I just watched you in utter amazement that the Creator would put such fine detail in creating you. When you were sleeping I laid my head on your chest to listen to the rhythm of your heart song. While you were sleeping I decided that you needed more love from me to fill up any empty spaces where you may feel a void. You may ask why have you never told me you were doing this while I was sleeping, and I will respond by asking a question didn't you hear as a child that all night and all day Angels are watching over you. Well then I'm just the Angel that works the night shift and I told Titus to write you this letter to remind you. Inspired by me watching my wife sleep. Peace and Blessings Titus I remain (C) 2010

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