Monday, August 24, 2009

Death Bed

There once was a man that lay breathing heavily on his death bed, Friends and family had already been by to say their finale goodbyes, so the man requested to spend his finale minutes alone in prayer. The family and friends respecting his request stepped out into the hall closing the door behind them. The man began to grasp the rails of the bed as he pulled his self up and bowed his head. He spoke saying Lord I thank you for the life you have given me and all that you allowed me to do, just then he heard a voice say yeah right, opening up his eyes the man saw, people he didn't recognize surrounding his bed. He asked am I dead, one of the individuals standing around said no, not yet we just thought before you did die you needed to be confronted by all that will be dieing with you. The man looked at the faces around the bed in desperation saying I don't understand. One of the individuals standing at the foot of the bed said we represent all the wasted time, the words you did not say when you were supposed to, and the books you did not write, and the love you did not give, and the dreams you did not fulfill. and the ideas that never got off paper and the forgiveness you would not extend and the promises not kept. The man said but I did this and I did not have time to do that, and she wouldn't forgive me so I did not forgive her. Silence, one of the individuals yelled, while pointing a finger into the mans face, we don't want to die, we want to live, yet we are doomed to be added to the library of endless potential found in cemetery's around the world. The faces of the individuals (potential) showed great anger and then suddenly they disappeared. The mans prayer changed from Lord thank you for this and thank you for that, into Lord I'm so sorry, for not using the life you gave me the way you wanted. Then the man and all his potential died. Question who or what will be around your death bed? What we do with our life today until that day will determine who is there, trust me I know. I've been there twice. I Remain Titus Inspired By a comment I heard Les Brown make.

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