Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Essence of a Woman

The beauty of a rose is unforgettable and the smell or essence is even more amazing, because it lingers through the place it dwells alerting all to it's presence. A woman is the same in my opinion, For she has beauty and essence. But the thing that saddens me is that many sisters (not all) have an understanding of their beauty, but not the essence that they possess. So they settle to be seen as beautiful without anyone ever understanding or even willing to embrace their essence. When is the last time a brother complimented you on your mind, when is the last time someone mentioned your beauty and yet was drawn by the essence of your soul? When is the last time, you complimented yourself on your own essence. For I tell you dear Sister, you are much more than a pretty face and a body, but it is whats in you that defines you. The amazing thing about a rose is that even when it's beauty fades, the essence of the rose is still as powerful as the day it bloomed. Many people buy roses because of what they look like, and they are quickly discarded when they wither. But just image if the rose was looked at not only for it's beauty but for the essence also, Imagine if you were looked at not only for your beauty but for your essence. This goes out to every Sister and my prayer is that GOD will tune you in if He hasn't already to the essence of who you are. For a woman's essence is like a treasure, it is hidden, but is found by those that are willing to dig deep enough to find it. Sisters don't settle, GODS best awaits you.

Inspired By the thought of my Daughters future and the young men that will try to holler, and the Sisters I see settling. Peace and Blessings to all

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