Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Personal Thoughts (switch lanes) Take a Seat

It is amazing when looking at my life, the friends that have come and gone, the family that I have loved and lost. And the tears I have cried and cried and cried, some of joy and others of pain, some visible and others invisible. It is like living a life where each day you look in the mirror and ask what will the day bring joy or pain, new friends or betrayal, love everlasting or momentary satisfaction. ( Switching lanes). Imagine a chair inside of you a seated in that chair is GOD and beside Him is two more chairs, in the chair immediately beside Him is Jesus and next to Jesus the chair is empty. Now remember this scene is in side of you, there in front of GOD and Jesus and the empty seat is a window and outside of that window is your life happening in real time. But see GOD and Jesus and the empty seat are not in real time for they are on GOD time which supersedes reality. The empty seat is there for us to be seated with GOD and Jesus in heavily places, and if we take that seat we are able to see things from the angle in which GOD sees it. It is time out for running around asking others what they think you should do or how you should do it, my question to you is what did GOD tell you to do, and when is the last time you sit down long enough to listen?????????????? Many people are thinking that GOD is concerned with what they want to do, but I believe GOD is concerned with what you need to do. Example Jesus needed to die, that we might have life. Your Mother and father needed to get together to give you life so that you could perform you're purpose, that needs to be fulfilled. Today Brothers and Sisters I'm just putting finger to keys, without a title, but trust I understand someone needed to read this. I will call this take a seat, GOD is waiting.

I Remain Bro Titus Inspired

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  1. Very inspiring Brother! I needed to hear that MYSELF! Thanks for the mssg!